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1lt Spray Bottle


A spray bottle is a bottle that can squirt, spray or mist fluids. A common use for spray bottles is dispensing cool cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialties. Another wide use of spray bottles is mixing down concentrates …

Gardener Trellis Netting 5FT×15FT


Trellis Netting is ideal for growing tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers and all vine crops which need support. You are given the option of growing plants either vertically or horizontally.

Precision Pruning Scissors


Precision Pruner Blades are favored by thousands of horticulturists from weekend gardeners to professional growers and flower trimmers – that has an …



We have five sizes of measuring syringe available, giving you precise control over your nutrient and booster dosages. An essential part of …

Twist Tie (50m)


Twist tie is a plastic coated durable wire. It comes with a cutting tool to make it really easy to use. This product is excellent for supporting and training plants and also grouping crop together.