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Biogrow Neem


Made from Neem oil, Biogrow Bioneem is a natural botanical insecticide. It is a natural insect repellent, causes appetite loss in sucking …


Hydrogen Peroxide 1L


Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom in it which, when broken down into the solution, helps to add extra oxygen to your Hydroponic nutrient solution. This extra oxygen is then applied to the Hydroponic plant’s roots making healthier and more robust plants with lots of healthy new root growth.

Ludwigs Copper Count N


Copper Count N contains fungicide solution for the control of many diseases on a wide variety of crops.

Ludwigs Insectiside


Ludwig’s Insect Spray is a broad spectrum organic insecticide for the control of insects on edible crops, roses, herbs and ornamental’s.

Ludwigs Spider Mite


Ludwig’s Rose Spider Mite Spray is a suspension concentrate contact acaricide for the control of the egg and immature stages of the red …

MR Fungiside


Margaret Roberts Organic Fungicide is a broad spectrum organic fungicide/bactericide solution for the control of diseases on edible crops, ornamental’s, herbs and roses.

MR Insecticide


Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide for the control of small bodied insects.

MR Mosquito


Margaret Roberts Biological Mosquito Insecticide is a microbial insecticide (biological agent) for the control of mosquito and fungus gnat larvae in their …



  Biogrow Pyrol – Spruzit Pyrol specifications: Fast acting, organic broad spectrum contact insecticide to kill all stages of insects. Detrimental to …

Yellow Stick Traps


The Sticky Trap lures insects using bright colors and traps them with a sticky, non-toxic glue which coats both sides. The yellow trap attracts aphids, thrips, flies, fungus gnats, white flies and leaf miners.  The special shade of blue is especially attractive to certain species of thrips and leaf miners.