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Adjustable Bird wing Reflector


You won’t get any bright hot spots – light and heat is spread out evenly. All plants grow at a similar rate, …

Air Cooled Hood 6”


Air Cooled hoods are great for your grow room or grow tent needs where heat is an issue. With hinged, tempered glass, …

Analogue Timer


24 Hour Analogue Timer.  Plug the Analogue Timer into the wall socket and then plug your pump or lights into the timer.

Dual Spec Bulbs


Dual-Arc bulbs emit two different spectrum’s, one from the MH and one from the HPS. Combining and overlapping these two spectrum’s proves ideal for all plant growth. Dual-Arc bulbs house a …


Hydrodepot MH


Metal Halide  Horticulture Bulb Metal Halide bulbs are used to mimic the sun during the Summer months. Emitting mostly white light, the …

Hydrodepot Ballast


The ballast features dim and boost functions, giving you the ability to control the light output from your lamp to your plants.


Hydrodepot HPS


High pressure Sodium bulbs are HID (High intensity discharge) lights used in horticultural applications to mimick the Winter season sunlight. Due to …

LUMii 600w Magnetic Kit


Our LUMii 600w Magnetic Kit comes with a LUMii 600w Magnetic Ballast, LUMii 600w Dual Spectrum bulb and a LUMii reflector.

LUMii Birdwing Reflector


Reflector has a dimpled aluminium finish for even light distribution, revised reflective angles, curved corners for safety and a parabolic fold above the lamp for a more even spread of light.

Lumii Black 600w Electronic Ballast


Our Lumii Black 600w Electronic Ballast is of high quality,compact and very solid. For this amazing price, you wont be disappointed.

LUMii Black 600w Electronic Kit


Our LUMii 600w Electronic Kit comes with a LUMii 600w Electronic Ballast, LUMii 600w Dual Spectrum bulb and a LUMii reflector

Lumii BLACK 600w HPS Dual Spec Lamp


The LUMii Black 600w HPS Dual Spec has an E40 fitting and this bulb is perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering. The LUMii …

LUMii Black Magnetic Ballast 600W


The 600w Lumii Black Magnetic Ballast is great value for money and is a awesome alternative to the electronic when trying to save some cash.

Lumii Black Reflector x 10


Please email/WhatsApp to place order. Revised Dutch barn design utilising a V-groove directly above the lamp to help eliminate hotspots. The  Lumii …

Rope Ratchets


These  rope ratchets are sold in pairs.
Holds reflectors, carbon filters, light fixtures, and ventilation equipment.