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Air Pots


Air Pots are root pruning pots which result in larger plants and healthier roots. It’s a well-known fact that your plant mirrors above ground …

Freedom Pots


Freedom Pots maximizes root zone aeration and drainage, which improves root health and nutrient absorption. Evaporative cooling can also take place at …

Plant Bags


Black Plant Bags can be used to ‘plant-up’ seedlings to give them more growing room before transplanting, or to give you a …

Plant Tags



These white, sturdy markers are used for keeping track of what you have planted or what seeds you have sowed. Easy to write on and the surface is slightly textured to prevent smudging.


  • Species identification.
  • Recording dates of planting cuttings
  • Identifying seedlings and planting dates and times.

Plastic Pots


Square Pots The square 12l and 15l container is suitable for many crops.. The container has 4 drainholes in the bottom and …

Rose Pot


Square top, round base. 14cm x 14cm x 14cm; 3lt. : 18cm x 18cm x 24cm; 6lt. 22cm x 22cm x 27cm; …

Seed trays


Seedling trays are suitable for starting seeds or cuttings. They will hold Jiffys or Rock Wool plug (36mm x 40mm). Alternatively, use your …