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4in1 PH Pen (TDS/PH/EC/TEMP)


The water quality monitor is professional and useful tool for testing PH/TDS/TEMP of solution level. Suitable for aquarium pool and environment water.

Analogue Timer


24 Hour Analogue Timer.  Plug the Analogue Timer into the wall socket and then plug your pump or lights into the timer.

Digital Timer


Automate your hydroponic growing system with a Digital Timer for a convenience and control.

EC 1,4


EC Calibrating Solution 1.413 should be used to calibrate your Digital EC Pen to ensure accurate readings for optimal growth. When using a …

EC 2,7


When using a meter to measure either the ppm of total dissolved solids or conductivity of a liquid, it is necessary to …

Humidity Dome


The Humidity Dome is perfect for Germinating or Propagating.


pH 4


pH4 Calibrating Solution is suitable for all makes and models of pH pens and meters. pH4 Calibrating Solution is easy to use! …

pH 7


7.0 pH Calibrating Solution is to be used with the Digital pH Pen Suitable for all makes and models of pH pens and …

pH Down


Liquid pH Down is used to decrease pH in the nutrient mix. Consists of Phosphoric Acid. Instructions: Add in small amounts of Liquid …

pH Test Kit


pH Testing Kit consists of a test tube for taking a sample, a reagent liquid to add to the test tube and a color chart showing the pH between 4.5 and 8, against which the color of liquid in the test tube is matched.

pH Up


Liquid pH Up consists of Potassium Hydroxide and is used to increase pH. Adjust the pH levels to improve the growing conditions for your plants. …



Plastic Pipettes, unlike their glass counterparts, will not shatter or break. These pipettes will work well whenever there is a need for …

Storage Solution


pH Storage Solution is used to keep pH probe moist which will maximize electrode performance and extend life of electrode. Directly after use and before …



We have five sizes of measuring syringe available, giving you precise control over your nutrient and booster dosages. An essential part of …

TDS-Meter 3


TDS-3 – TDS Meters. With its rugged design and build, the TDS-3 is an ideal meter (tool) that can be used for any application; Ranging from water purification to hydroponics to industrial wastewater treatment.