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1lt Worm Castings


Wurmbosch Worm Castings are a rich, all-natural source of organic matter with lots of nutrients and moisture-holding capabilities. Vermicast, also called worm castings, worm humus or worm manure, …

4in1 PH Pen (TDS/PH/EC/TEMP)


The water quality monitor is professional and useful tool for testing PH/TDS/TEMP of solution level. Suitable for aquarium pool and environment water.


6″ Clip Fan


Use this small fan to circulate the air within your tent or grow cupboard. Plants need air movement over their leaves in …

Adjustable Bird wing Reflector


You won’t get any bright hot spots – light and heat is spread out evenly. All plants grow at a similar rate, …

Air Cooled Hood 6”


Air Cooled hoods are great for your grow room or grow tent needs where heat is an issue. With hinged, tempered glass, …

Amino Mix


Amino Mix is a water-soluble plant hydrolysate which is compatible with all water soluble fertilizers and can be used through any irrigation …

Analogue Timer


24 Hour Analogue Timer.  Plug the Analogue Timer into the wall socket and then plug your pump or lights into the timer.

Bato Pots


BATO Square Pot (Raised Leg/NetBase)

Biodyne Environoc 401


Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes contain Beneficial Microbes that provide broad benefits for many plants including: Increased health and vigor, Healthier roots, Stronger and longer stems, Increased flower / fruit production, Phosphate solubilization capabilities, Nitrogen fixing capabilities.

Biogrow Neem


Made from Neem oil, Biogrow Bioneem is a natural botanical insecticide. It is a natural insect repellent, causes appetite loss in sucking …

Calcium Magnesium Nitrate


Calcium Magnesium Nitrate (Cal Mag)  is a calcium magnesium nitrate fertilizer/additive which is the best fertilizer to supply Calcium and Magnesium to plants.

Cal Mag is high water soluble, quick dissolved in water and also suitable to be applied by irrigation.

Cal Mag is also used to buffer Coco peat.

Available in 500gm & 1kg.